Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well, we found out how numerically strong the Tea Party was, didn't we?

Because the Tea Party, at least the people still involved with it, were promoting it as a sleeping giant that was going to be revived, and Fox News and allied media organizations did their best to portray what was actually believed in by a marginal group of people in the United States as being a popular movement. The truth came out in the election. Nearly every swing state, except North Carolina, went to Obama, even Florida, which even they couldn't rig effectively in Romney's favor. Not only that, but Tea Party candidates who were elected to Congress two years ago were summarily thrown out. Allen West is no more a Representative, neither is Joe Walsh. And, not surprisingly, the implicit endorsement of sexual violence, or at least saying that, hey pregnancy from rape is gift from god, one of the most insane and macabre statements possible, lead not only to the candidates who said these things being defeated but women in general mobilizing to vote for their interests on a large scale.

The Tea Party style Fox News politics proved to be a Tempest in a Tea Pot, the speech of an Idiot with Sound and Fury, signifying nothing. Money can only buy so much.

Grover Norquist, whose daddy told him about the evils of taxation by stealing parts of his ice cream cone when he was kid, got a petition to have him publicly punched in the groin....and, beyond that, it looks like his policies are being rejected by Republican politicians, finally.

Free market politics linked to ignorant Christian theocrats have to be one of the least appealing parts of the American political landscape, a place where the Constitution is looked at as an inspired, unchangeable, document, by people who have never thought of trying to read some of the legal commentary talking about how the Constitution is actually understood in practice. Debate about the Constitution? For shame! It happens every time precedent is re-evaluated.

I don't know quite what to call the Tea Party folks, possibly the last stand of folks in rural America who are woefully outnumbered in our country, and have been for quite some time, but who because of the way our political system is structured, and because of what the media favors, have assumed an importance way outside of their actual numbers. The folks who believe that the earth was created in literally seven days, that the Constitution is unalterable, that the free market in its most obnoxious form is sacred, and who, beyond a few points, really don't care about the Freedom that they so loudly trumpet, are a rind of scum that I'm glad has now been put in their place, hopefully.

The folks running Fox News, running the multi-national corporations, will have to find some other proxy movement to advance their own interests now.

Me, I would gladly welcome some sanity in terms of what the Republican party could potentially offer.

As this blog has lately pointed out, there are quite a few advantages to a moderate social conservatism, good points to be made, that are not being made whatsoever in the current environment. All political philosophies have something to offer, and I think a great balance would be to incorporate some of each of the main three together into a new combination, however, one which stands at its bottom as truly socially radical, in the Marxist sense of workers' power and socialism. 

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