Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Army seeks death penalty in Afghan massacre case". puts Seattle Times in a difficult position

Here. That difficult position is this: continue to support a monster who is a home boy, coming from Fort Lewis-McChord, or do something that goes beyond rank particularism? I can picture the heads of the Seattle Times editors exploding on this one, wanting to denounce the charges, but then realizing, oh fuck, it's the U.S. military itself that's putting them forward...and we can't criticize them.

The Times has a bad track record of supporting people accused of murder and other atrocities provided that they're local, against all evidence and common sense, for instance Amanda Knox. The Knox case, in the coverage in Seattle, reeked of anti-Italian sentiment, looking at the Italian legal system as the product of an inferior race who couldn't figure out how to work things.

Expect the Times to suddenly become peace loving doves who question the actions of the U.S. military.

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