Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As Washington goes, so goes the U.S.

Back in Olympia, there was an old guy who used to cruise around town in a wheelchair that had a picture of the U.S, with the states that voted for Bush in 2004 in red on them, tacked to the back, that was intended to show what real America was. The problem was that although if you look at that map, there's a sea of red, most of those places in the middle of the country have very few people. The same can be said of Washington state. The Seattle Times, in a story about conservatives in Washington state, has the map of where the pot and gay marriage referendums succeeded, and where they didn't. Looking at it, you'd think, wow, the state is split fifty fifty about this, with maybe even a little bit more for the folks who were against it. The fact, though, is that the space between the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains, between Seattle and Spokane, is lightly populated, with a few centers like Yakima and the Tri-Cities and little else. Geographically, yes, there are lots of square miles that aren't highly populated that didn't like the referendums....but it's not geography but votes that pass these things.

As Washington goes, so the U.S. will no doubt go: the actual population centers making their own decisions on controversial issues, with the large expanse of unpopulated 'Real America' staying in their established ways.

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