Monday, December 10, 2012

Michigan right to work law, terrible

I can't believe that something like this is happening in one of the core states, perhaps *the* core state, of unionism in this country, which is also my home state. Unions represent one of the purest forms of distributive justice there is here. As opposed to what their critics say, they aren't coercive parasitical bodies that enrich officials and constantly clamor for unearned cash. Instead, unions have and will continue to argue for a just share of the earnings of the company commensurate with the productivity of the work that workers perform. It's neither open ended nor vague, and is often based on very quantified studies.

Right to work is more along the lines of the ideology of ignorant fucks from rural areas, who don't recognize the complexity of society and instead insist that their complete "freedom" of contract somehow exist above anything else, even though in practice they only have a small degree of control over it.

*on edit: freedom of contract is one of those partially illusory freedoms that everybody believes exists. The truth is that you can, in fact, get a degree of justice through being rewarded for your good performance as an individual, but the system as a whole is ultimately stacked against you, so that a worker who does good and gets more money based on that still gets almost nothing compared to people in the white collar world, like marketers and advertising campaign creators, who get obscene amounts of money for much less work. That increase of money based on demonstrated ability is, or can be, very important, but it's not like it alters the equation to the point where participating in a union contract would seriously infringe on it. 

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