Thursday, December 27, 2012

Non-anarchist musings: the state vs. corporations

One of the weaknesses of anarchist thought, which I respect very much, is a lack of realism about the end game that will establish socialism. Quite frankly, I think that barring any sort of mass social meltdown what will lead to the establishment of socialism will be some form of State, with the State in this case being taken as the embodiment of the will of the people. Not necessarily a conventional parliamentary State, although in practice this might lead to the State in question. Whether it comes from evolution or from revolution, when the power of corporate capitalism is truly threatened it will first passively resist and then actively resist, and when that happens, the State will either have to act to enforce its policies or it will prove itself to be just talk and relegate itself to irrelevance. To truly move to socialism, it's my belief that the State will have to not only have some sort of military power at its disposal, but that it will have to use it to confront corporations and enforce its will, which will be the will of the people, on to them. Laws passed, programs instituted, will have to be respected, or the people in question will have to go to jail, and if they respond with active resistance, they will have to be met with active force in turn. Only one power will be able to emerge from this confrontation.

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