Sunday, December 02, 2012

Regeneration, not a bad word...

Although it's been portrayed as being by some people. I think that a socialist regeneration of American society is very necessary. The "R" word and its synonyms has been used by virtually every political campaign, left, right, and center, in that all of them have wanted to see a renewed U.S. It's a normal fact of political life. We do need a regeneration of some of the social fabric in the United States, as embodied in social programs and in other aspects, and, frankly, I think that this regeneration should be in a context where it's the actual nation of the United States that's the focus. I think that with the defeat of the Tea Party our messianic pretensions on the world scene have been laid to rest, and that whatever comes next should look at the U.S. not as some sort of beacon or vanguard in a world revolution but as a country that needs internal renovation for itself. Think of it as "Socialism in one country" as opposed to "Permanent Revolution". As such, especially in relation to building up of the industrial base of the country, I think that this should be a nation centric socialist regeneration.

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