Monday, January 07, 2013

"Hagel must address 'Jewish Lobby' comment"

Says AIPAC. Just kidding. But, my friends, there's a very good reason why the U.S. was the only main country in the world, besides the Czech Republic, that voted against recognizing Palestine, and it to do exactly with that: the Israel lobby. Folks wouldn't say that having the NAACP or the Urban League lobby Congress is a bad thing, but instead an extension of a community advocating for itself. Why is it impermissible to recognize that the Jewish community in the United States does the same thing? Special interest groups were originally formed to advocate for the interests of the community they represented: you have the disabilities group, labor, old people, and ethnic and racial minorities, each talking about what issues really concern them. The Israel lobby certainly fits into that, yet pointing out that fact, and that what it pushes is sometimes not in the best interest of the world community, is taken as being tantamount to supporting the policies of Nazi Germany.

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