Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Seattle and Portland

Seattle is just like Portland, only we have industries that actually make things, i.e. Boeing and Microsoft, which makes it less of a boutique economy and makes the place more anchored to the necessary practical nature of the world. 

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SarahCBolte said...

I would like to see Boeing, and Microsoft become more proactive about environmental sustainability, pollution, waste, and containing emissions let out into the air by their fuels, and energy usage. Also, both companies need to reconsider their over use of petrol to make non-biodegradable, and non-sustainable products. They both have enough money now to do it, yet they still continue to use petroleum based virgin plastics, and fuels. Using different resources does two things, it helps create economic independence, and gets up less dependent on products, and machines that are known causes of environmental waste, and pollution. Seattle, and Portland used to be known for their activism involving these issues, no time to rest on our laurels.