Monday, February 04, 2013

Glenn Greenwald: Brooklyn College's academic freedom increasingly threatened over Israel event

Dershowitz wants to cancel divestment panel, at Brooklyn college. Great, long, article about the "controversy". I put "controversy" in quotes because it shouldn't be one. The event, which is "co-sponsored by numerous student and community groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine, the college's LGBT group, pro-Palestinian Jewish organizations, and an Occupy Wall Street group." has been accused of favoring speakers that are pro-Hamas and Hezbollah, which, although absurd, brings up another question: why should that be forbidden? 

Isn't the point of academic speech to hear all sides of an issue, and for speech you disagree with to be countered by more speech? It's always the tactic of people who can't legitimately defend their position to try to shut down discussion. Obviously, the heyday of free speech where Nazis marching in Skokie were defended is long gone. 

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