Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sexual Freedom and character, or, how morality can facilitate liberation

Another V-Day post. Morality and character in politics are often associated with the right wing, with stodgy conservatives, but, in point of fact, they can help liberatory politics as well. Sexual freedom, liberation, and self expression by women seems to be on a sort of yo-yo back and forth. People want to express their sexuality in a positive way through dress and behavior, then there's a reactionary clampdown by feminists themselves. I think that the more sex-positive feminism is wonderful, but that possibly unknown to itself it's based on the premise that the men in the community have the character and morality to respond to the sexual self-expression of women in an intelligent way. That's what makes the difference between this sort of thing being a cool kind of way of being yourself and being an invitation to sexual assault. And to be clear, it's not a case of women inviting this on themselves but of men out there who can't control themselves and deal with sexual stimulation.

But, the kind of culture on the part of men that can really make it safe for women to be more sexually expressive doesn't come out of nowhere. It doesn't come out of a situation where the idea of morality itself is negated, and where, like, it's all relative. It comes out of deliberate and conscious training in ethics.

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jacqui low said...

I think our sexuality should be regulated more to move society forward.

Things are too liberal and open now - people are disgusting.