Monday, March 18, 2013

Why '80s retro?

I'm curious. '60s retro was mostly a commercialized fad, the '50s and '70s retro that existed in the '90s was reactions against the cultural void of the '80s...then '70s retro came into its own because people thought that the decade was interesting unto itself. So why are people taking up '80s styles? My sense, although I haven't extensively polled all 20 somethings in Capitol Hill in Seattle, or elsewhere, is that folks are just following the years up...that, you know, because the '70s is done and people now think of the '80s as being so long ago, '80s retro is now in style. But, at this juncture, is there any particular reason why folks are doing the retro thing as opposed to thinking for themselves in their styles and creating something new? It's so retro to be retro when most of the culture you're being retro in opposition to is retro itself.

Meta on meta on meta.

Of course, who knows, there could be something to it that I'm not seeing....but I would argue that without an overarching sense that it's just nostalgia, as opposed to a social movement. 


JJL said...

I have the sense it is nostalgia, but there is a good reason its not limited to having lived through the 80s. With the advent of television, DVR, youtube, netflix, etc, the cultures of the past are readily available to the children of the present. This is a relatively new phenomenon, so we're still learning its effects...

Lorraine said...

I'll admit that The Carrie Diaries has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm getting annoyed, however, at the amount of 20/20 hindsight exhibited by some of the characters, especially Larissa.