Monday, March 18, 2013

Why the stagnation....a la Bill Maher

Who had a great recent comment that shit kicking rednecks are being left behind in our country, and in any case have exerted influence on our country far beyond their numbers. Well, the United States under the Constitutional system was designed to protect itself against the "Tyranny of the Majority". It started by having only Representatives be directly elected. Everyone else was selected by a combination of Representatives and State office holders. The majority, in this case, was the unwashed, poorer, masses, and the minority in question was the wealthy land holders. Times have changed.

Now, the minority that wants to protect itself against the tyranny of the majority is the most uneducated, backwards, part of our country. They sometimes work on behalf of that other minority, but also have their own brand of idiocy that they put forward far in excess of what their corporate masters require.

What was designed to protect an elite that saw itself as both economically and culturally more sophisticated than the majority is now being used to protect the worst in American society, with the ultra-rich not really caring except if it somehow starts to not look good for their bottom line.

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