Sunday, April 07, 2013

Liberalism, Marxism, Conservatism---a natural progression

I look at it this way: Marxism corrects some of the flaws of liberalism, namely the ignorance of most of liberal theory to the class issue and to capitalism, and then conservatism in a moderate form corrects the defects that continue to exist after Marxism makes its corrections to liberalism. The potential for these latter defects was there from the start, but in my opinion was much less important and immediately relevant than the ignorance of social justice that many classical liberals displayed. After capitalism is taken on, and the basic ideas of personal freedom, freedom of speech, are established, it's proper to look at some of the flaws within the conceptions of liberalism---and to a certain extent in Marxism taken in a vulgar as opposed to a sophisticated sense. The latter would be represented by things labeled as Stalinism today. 

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