Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on the Boston bombing, and especially of the pictures that were released

Mostly the latter. The bombing was a tragedy. I think that something very interesting about the surveillance pictures is that you have someone probably carrying one of the bombs who is very inconspicuous, with bland clothing and a hat that's pulled down over his eyes, and who has lighter skin, standing next to someone who's very noticeable--a guy of probable Middle Eastern descent who's not trying to hide his identity whatsoever, and who is in fact wearing a bright blue shirt that brings attention to himself. To me, this suggests that the guy with the darker skin may have been someone who the (or one of the) bombers came up and talked to, trying to draw attention away from himself. Which doesn't mean that the bomber himself therefore couldn't have been Middle Eastern, but that he could be throwing people off through knowing that he was probably being photographed and surveilled.

**just in case anyone isn't aware of it, this post was based on the picture of the two guys that the New York Post ran, that turned out to be just random people in the crowd, one of which was Middle Eastern, who had nothing to do with the bombing.

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