Friday, June 21, 2013

Where I think a lot of things went wrong: Charles Maurras' "quatre États confédérés"

When I say when things went wrong I mean the possible positive fusion of revolutionary socialist politics with some sort of conservative belief system as a subsidiary force. Maurras of the Action Française labeled people who are Jewish, Masons, Protestants, and Foreigners, as being the four confederate states that were secretly undermining France. This, in turn, was derived from traditional fringe theories that had been circulating in France since the Revolution, the fallout of the Dreyfus affair, Maurras' preference for Catholicism, and other things. 

Many of the ideas that Maurras came up with regarding an integral state aren't that bad on their own, although they encourage class collaboration instead of workers' power, but when combined with the above they become a deadly combination, literally, in that Nazi Germany quite willingly embraced them with open arms, although preferring Protestantism to Catholicism. Linking all of this to biology, something Maurras didn't do but others after him did, could be a fifth thing that undermined all of it. 

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