Sunday, July 14, 2013

As the U.S. goes, so does Israel...

Which is a good thing. The U.S. routinely protects Israel from the consequences to its abuses of human rights that it should rightfully face and finances its military, using its power on the UN Security Council to veto resolutions on a regular basis. In measures submitted to the UN as a whole, at this point the only countries that vote against measures censuring Israel for what it's doing are the U.S. and it's client states around the world, most entertainingly small nations in the South Pacific who depend on the U.S. for trade. Not even Europe votes against measures censuring Israel anymore. We're the only ones that do it, and in a changing geo-political situation that's seeing the rise of China and India, our power to protect our little ally in the Middle East will go down in proportion to our fall in influence.

Truthfully speaking, it's really only the U.S. that feels that Israel is worth protecting at all costs. It would be different if Israel had become a beacon of tolerance and peace in the wake of World War II, justly treating the Palestinians and acting as an example to the world of an alternate way to act, but it's fucked it up. That isn't the path Israel chose, and the rest of world is understandably annoyed by the hypocrisy and outright lies that accompany the U.S.'s defense of a state that, if it were anyone else in the world, would be facing sanctions at the least.

But that exceptionalism is directly tied to how powerful we, the U.S., are in the world, and by putting all their eggs in one basket Israel has made a grave mistake. Once the fall comes, and the state has to start obeying all the rules that the rest of the world has had to obey for a long time, and that the U.S. has pontificated about them obeying while ignoring what Israel does, it won't be pretty.  Of course, the extent of that will be proportional to how fast Israel itself can adapt to the changing reality, but I doubt that our boutique state will realize what exactly it's facing until it's too late.

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