Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monarchism, Capitalism, and Republican Socialism

Although it had obvious flaws, the monarchical system of the Middle Ages and upwards did have the positive feature of creating an ideology and a force of social cohesion that was able to withstand the challenges of capitalism, until it finally succumbed. Since that happened, we've been in a kind of vacant place, with whatever forces that want to control society free to have control of it due to the weakness of our institutions. The parliamentary system as it exists at present becomes a plaything of private forces, that it does not recognize as having a particular status separate from that of citizens and citizens institutions. There is a major difference. I think that what's needed is a kind of Republican socialism, Republican in the sense of the French Republic, that also has features of conservatism to provide the framework for cohesion and justice that can fill the space the monarchical system once occupied and serve as a base for resisting capitalism  and private power.


John Madziarczyk said...
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John Madziarczyk said...

Even worse than simply have a vacant space that capitalism can fill is having capitalism combined with a greedy populistic mass, which is the situation that exists in the United States.