Thursday, August 29, 2013

If Syria has used chemical weapons, we should intervene

I think that although peace is a good thing, one of the fundamental principles that has been established since World War II is that there are some actions that warrant international intervention to stop them, no matter if the countries intervening are not directly involved. What's happening in Syria is vastly different than what happened in Iraq, where the Weapons of Mass Destruction were a fraud, something cooked up just to justify an invasion. Syria's civil war has been playing itself out with remarkably little outside intervention, while everyone was obeying the rules. Now that this looks to not be the case, something has to change. What happens next is open for discussion: if we're still playing the neutral party, not favoring Assad or the rebels, it would be good to intervene in a way that doesn't bring about a particular "regime change". I don't think that the chemical weapons should be an excuse for the U.S. to completely remake Syria in its own image, or to intervene completely on the part of the rebels, even though I personally believe that they're right.

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