Sunday, October 13, 2013

Veterans protest shut down of war memorials because of government shutdown---democracy at its finest

Because, of course, the reason it's shut down is because of the GOP, who these folks support. Not only that, but other agencies thought to be 'inessential', such as the EPA and food inspectors, have been sent home, but these folks aren't missed. No sir. Just the national parks, whose closure, as opposed to having non-toxic food, is an outrage.

You know, for all the talk about 'this is a Republic, not a Democracy', it's the Republicans who most act like the caricature that they paint. It's the moronic parent-teacher associations in small towns, representative of grass roots democracy at its finest, that leads to anti-evolution curriculum in the schools, along with most of the other outrages against common sense that typify primary school in the United States. It's the grass roots Tea Partiers that believe that Obama was born in Kenya, along with a host of other half-digested falsities. And its the grass roots veterans and friends lead by the inimitable Mrs. Palin that are protesting a shutdown that they themselves caused, yelling at Obama for being a bad, bad, man for closing national parks.

At times, looking at the scenery of the United States, where any damn idiocy is tolerated,  I would like to think that if we just had a requirement for footnotes and references to be supplied to any of these things in order for them to receive serious consideration, we'd do much better.

*on edit: to which I can add, that in the hype about the supposed 'controversy' regarding global warming, we have people with PhDs who actually go out and study the world pitted against people whose only distinguishing feature is a willingness to sit up late and read conspiracy theory websites, and the Bible. The two points of view are not equal, and there's no damn reason why Gunther from Arkansas, random anti-Climate Change fanatic, should be given equal time.

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