Friday, November 15, 2013

It looks like Kshama Sawant will win, congratulations to one of the sane voice from Occupy Seattle!

Happy that she will most likely be on the city council. She was involved with Occupy Seattle from the beginning, and was always a voice of reason.

If it had been just people like her, there would have been no problems, and the whole thing would not have imploded like it did. However, human selfishness, a willing to exploit victim status, and a respect for direct democracy that went beyond all sanity, conspired to make it not so.

About the later, Occupy Seattle shows the weakness not of Democracy itself, but of total, deliberate, direct, democracy. You had so much time wasted on absolute bullshit that, if it had been present in any other system, would not have gotten out of committee, so to speak. Literally. I'm making this example of, but the sessions I experienced were like "Hey man, I believe that everyone should have free marijuana, that I'm being harassed by microwave thought control, and that the CIA has been following me sine 1997. I want free pot, microwave harassment, and CIA hijinks to be put on the agenda". And instead of saying, no, can't do that, you're fucking crazy and that's bullshit, people would be like "Well, okay, let's talk about microwave harassment, and about the pros and cons of the idea of law enforcement using microwave technology to beam secret messages to people".

The notion that by honoring all that anyone has to say will lead to better ideas getting out there is proven false by this. Maybe it should be honoring anything that anyone has to say provided that they're not fucking crazy, paranoid, or otherwise off their meds, and have good arguments to back up their opinion. Having some sort of more structured democracy, where, for instance, you might actually have a committee of people to go through, who would vote on a proposal, before it got to the main assembly, instead of pure direct democracy, is the way to go.

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