Friday, November 08, 2013

Perhaps I went too far in my Arafat post

To be explicit, through using the reference to the "Chosen People". Although they're small in number, real anti-Semitic discourse today makes great use of the concept, not simply to refer to people's feelings of an absolute right to possess the land that is now Israel and Palestine, but to refer to a huge number of other things. Specifically, the idea is that because people who are Jewish think that they're the "Chosen People", they feel that laws in general do not apply to them, and that they therefore act only for themselves in whatever situation they find themselves in. I completely and totally reject this idea.

The scope of the post should have been limited to Israel itself, and to the very feeling that that physical piece of land was granted by their God to them, in perpetuity, as his Chosen People, without framing it in a way that could have been taken to imply a set of behaviors that goes beyond just a relationship with the land of Israel itself and instead goes into things that are non-existent, completely false, and extremely prejudicial to people.

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