Friday, November 29, 2013

State and society

Following up on the below post, I think it's useful to think of the State as being the executive function of society on a high level, regardless of the lower organizations of society on more grass roots levels. The State is not society itself, of course, but society has it's own structure that transcends that of individuals, and the State on a high level can be seen as the administrator of that structure, hopefully empowered by the people themselves, in the pursuit of maintaining social stability and good functioning. This, of course, is based on that structure being good to begin with, otherwise, social stability and functioning maintains, at least in some degree, a corrupt system. This is why although reforms can and should be done, like increasing the minimum wage, the social system should also be transitioning to something where serious structural change has been accomplished to change the fundamental nature of society itself, in the relations of classes with each other, and in the relation of business with the people.

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