Saturday, November 09, 2013

The six year old boy who wants to be a girl---I'm not sympathetic

Not because of any doubt about the authenticity of transgender claims, but because of the age. Someone who's six is a small child; they can't make big decisions for themselves, they certainly can't live on their own, they need parental guidance and protection. They have also only recently graduated into going to school for full days and are being taught the very low end of books for elementary school readers. We're talking about people in First Grade. A first grader is not qualified to make decisions that in later years will lead to either surgery or hormone treatment, and they should not be allowed to switch gender because they suddenly have the idea that they're the opposite one.

Thinking that this is in any way appropriate is an example of the utter lunacy of ultra-persmissive parenting, that would rather indulge in decisions that later on may lead to serious harm, and to your child hating you, rather than apply common sense to decisions.

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