Thursday, December 26, 2013

The future of the Left in the United States in the Obama era

Cracks have appeared in the once stable bedrock of the left media in the U.S. in the post-Bush era., Rawstory, and others, are turning into outlets that repeat ideology without looking at the reality. For instance, the story run on asserting that the whole denomination of the Southern Baptists was full of racists and homophobes, the very questionable "year in cultural appropriation" on Salon, that actually had little to do with cultural appropriation outside of someone's deluded head.  The hit squad put out on Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, who, in categorizing how the Tea Party viewed people, asserted that now mayor of New York Bill de Blasio's family, which is interracial, where his wife used to identify as being a Lesbian, was disgusting and not normal---he was slamming the Tea Party, not defending them, is another example.

The problem isn't the basic values themselves. Neither racism, homophobia, nor the blatant presentation of someone else's culture as your own are trivial issues. However, we've gotten so used to having the enemy be a Bush administration post-9/11 that presented an unambiguous united front that we've gotten lazy about how we think and what we oppose.

The nuance of the world that we live in makes the broad brushes that we've painted the world in no longer sufficient. So what is to be done?

My opinion is that what we need now is a synthesis of Right and Left, not the Tea Party right but instead the more principled, moderate, philosophical, conservative current, along with a solid left foundation, with a leavening of liberalism.

Right and Left fusion, I believe, can address many of the ambiguities and nuances that are being totally overlooked by the more mainstream Left wing media, and point a way towards a political doctrine and future that's less one dimensional and is better all around.

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