Friday, January 31, 2014

A little bird told me about the "Naked Norwegians" cheerers in Bothell, WA...

Who made headlines a few years ago because of the brutal hazing that accompanied the induction into the group. Bothell is a suburb of Seattle, so tolerant. The "Naked Norwegians" were an unofficial high school cheering group, that's since been banned, made up of guys. The shock came from the kids who wanted to be part of it being beaten across the back with PVC pipes, but there's reportedly something even more shocking, that didn't make the news: every time they were hit across the back, the person doing it shouted "White Power! Kill a N***er!" This supposedly is recorded in the police report, but didn't make it into the news, presumably because people didn't want to cloud the issue....or reveal the complexity of it.

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