Tuesday, January 07, 2014

"How's your day been?", an insidious trend.

 Been noticing that it's been increasingly asked of me at cash registers. At first I was like, that's really nice. Then another place started asking it, with almost the same phrasing, and it was a little strange. Then another place started asking it. Now I call a call center in some unknown place in the U.S. and they ask it after the business is done.

I think what has happened is that it's a new management thing, where people are now being asked to add "How's your day been?" to the scripts that they give customers, because their managers think that it'll be a good addition. In reality, at least for me, I'm growing to resent it, first because I don't necessarily want to talk about my day to strangers, even if it's been great, and second, because it's this kind of forced familiarity that's being engaged in...I think...solely because someone has asked them to do it.

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