Saturday, January 04, 2014

I like David Brooks' weed column

That said, I also think that it should be legal and that Washington and Colorado are doing the right thing. Brooks' column is Here. To me, he brings up something that people in general who are pro-marijuana don't want to look at: the fact that some people really do spend most of their lives stoned and that it doesn't have a good impact on them. It's an inconvenient truth. However, I think that much like alcohol and alcoholism, it's possible to recreationally use marijuana without falling into that and without having many bad affects. Also, Brooks' column focused on people using marijuana as teenagers, as minors, which is a different thing altogether.

I like his emphasis on personally trying to do things that are uplifting, and on governments encouraging this, but the legal consequences of using a drug that I believe can be used recreationally without bad side affects should be small to non-existent. 

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