Monday, January 20, 2014

Liberal hostage taking, and breaking free

That's what I call the tendency of various sites, such as Rawstory, to come up with more and more inconsistent and outlandish stories going this way and that, about whatever happens to piss them off at the moment, with no real rhyme or reason behind the decisions. Hostage taking, because implicitly, in the background, there's the thought of 'what exactly are you going to do about it?'. You're not going to say that the conservatives are right about something, right? That would be the worst thing in the world.

So while certain progressive internet sites like Rawstory and get more shrill and inconsistent (while others, such as DailyKos, remain more balanced), people just sit back and be increasingly nervous and uncomfortable.

I think that people should call the bluff of these people and say, yes, in certain of their criticisms of liberalism, the conservatives are correct, although the basic principles of liberalism are still sound. This is the way to free one self from the hostage situation, and to put the ball back in the court of people who are daring people by checking to see just how much shit they'll eat before they complain.

The best thing that a person can do is not to swing from one pole to the other, flailing aimlessly, but adopt a nuanced position that takes into account the different political perspectives that are out there. That, as opposed as to fitting into one of the stereotypes that people have made about political positions, truly drives people nuts.

*on edit: perhaps the DailyKos isn't the best example to use as an alternative, but it's been openly partisan from the beginning, as opposed to RawStory and, which are putatively journalistic organizations, even if they do have a particular editorial policy. The Nation still does good journalism, as does MotherJones. They seem to have a better understanding about the difference between pure, unthinking, striking out against whoever they think offended their sympathies and actual writing based on thought.

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