Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stephen Cohen shows which side he's on: Ukraine comments on Democracy Now!

The link to the transcript of the debate between Cohen and Anton Shekhovtsov is Here. I was initially skeptical about what's happening in the Ukraine, because of the very real provocations of fake "Color Revolutions", sponsored by the U.S., but as time has gone on it's become apparent that whatever external influences the people of the Ukraine itself really do want change.

Stephen Cohen did a great service in the '80s by being one of the people who was willing to look at the Soviet Union in a different way, one that rejected the war mongering of the Reagan administration and instead took the possibilities offered by Glasnost and Perestroika seriously. Unfortunately, for reasons that aren't clear to me, in this debate on Democracy Now! he ignores the mass of people in the streets in the Ukraine and instead confines himself to talking about abstract trade policy between the EU, Ukraine, and Russia.

He comes out on the side of Putin, amazingly enough, which is a strange place to get to after supporting Gorbachev. At one point an argument could have been made that Putin represented a kind of Eurasian counterweight to European power, but his increasingly dictatorial government, including his institutional discrimination against gays, has destroyed whatever credibility he might have had in that regard.

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