Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I applaud "The Nation" 's Woody Allen coverage

Specifically, Jessica Valenti's article Choosing Comfort Over Truth: What it Means to Defend Woody Allen.

It's surprising to me how many progressive outlets, including ye olde, have been on the defensive about Woody Allen, giving him supporting coverage that they'd deny to anyone outside of Progressive-dom. What tests your mettle isn't if you can condemn people who are your enemies for doing something terrible, that's easy. What tests it is if you can condemn your friends for doing the same thing, and that is something that they've failed horribly at, particularly, which appears to be edited according to whatever whims whoever's in charge has on that particular day.

How different it is, the coverage of Roman Polanski and that of Woody Allen. Polanski is someone who is relatively easy to condemn. He makes horror movies, and is probably a tortured soul in his own right, having lived through the Warsaw Ghetto, with most of his family murdered. He's not a comedian, isn't running for Ms. America, so to speak, and so it's easier to look at things objectively....because he himself examines the hard aspects of life in his films.  Woody Allen, on the other hand, has no parallel issues of that sort.

He's a comedian, makes movies that are entertaining. He's funny, wants to be endearing, and is self-deprecating. Which is why, especially, people should hold him to exactly the same standard that they would hold other people. If being personable, and on your side politically, is enough to get a pass, then justice is undermined just as sure as it would be if someone got off because they were rich, or well connected.

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