Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Protesting the Microsoft Bus, missing the point, just like Decolonize

The story about it is Here at Capitol Hill Seattle.  It's missing the point because it's based on similar protests against the Google Bus in San Francisco, but unlike the Google Bus, which uses actual public bus stops and has become a nuisance to regular people, the Microsoft Bus goes directly to and from individual people's houses. It doesn't inconvenience anyone, except possibly adding to traffic. The protesters are most likely just imitating what's going on in San Francisco, because about as long as I've lived in Seattle, which is six and a half years at this point, there have been Microsoft Buses, and folks haven't really cared about them. Then, the Google Bus protests happen in San Francisco and a few weeks later guess what starts happening in Seattle?

But the San Francisco protests are about both gentrification and the use of public facilities, which the people up here don't seem to get, much like they misunderstood the reasoning behind Decolonize. The Decolonize movement in Occupy was started in the Southwest, in Arizona, where the issue of the state being colonized by the United States and by Anglo culture is a very real issue. As folks have said, a state called "New Mexico", for instance, has quite a connection to, you know, Mexico. That reasoning behind Decolonize works in the Southwest, it works in Texas, and it works in California, but the Northwest was never part of Mexico. It was always either part of Britain or unclaimed, meaning that the Decolonize part had to trade on just the basic colonization of the Americas, which is a slightly different issue.

People should come up with their own, local specific, protests instead of stealing them, somewhat uncreatively, from other places.

*on edit: and, yeah, sure, gentrification is a huge issue in Capitol Hill, which is being turned into a condo-land that will soon resemble Santa Monica in LA: a hip part of town that is now out of reach of most of the original hip inhabitants, but, like I said....if you can't at least make up your own forms of protest, where are you coming from?

*on edit again: what I mean by "where are you coming from?" is that I question the honesty and sincerity, and intelligence, of people who just rip off other people's protests without really understanding all of what they're doing.

*on edit again: I use "on edit" to add something to the post without changing the base content, so that you can see what was originally posted.

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