Saturday, March 08, 2014

Partially, the rhetoric that the Maidan movement in the Ukraine is 'neo-nazi' is a Russian propaganda device from the Soviet era

Which people are falling for. Although the Svoboda party is in fact far right, it looks to be a small part of the movement as a whole. Instead, the rhetoric goes back to days when the Berlin Wall was described as an Anti-Fascist device to protect East Germany from the West. Soviet rhetoric talked about 'social fascism', but it looks like most people ignored that because of,you know, Stalin.  Now Stalin's gone but the righteous fight against capitalist fascism remains, and people are ready to buy it because they don't know that it's a piece of rhetoric that was consistently used in the past.

* on edit: here's a link to Wikipedia's page on the Berlin Wall, where it was described as the "Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart" Here

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