Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Anarchists are more of an obstacle than an enabler to positive change

Because of their complete dislike of anything involving the State, including common sense social benefits that virtually every other industrialized country has. Instead of fighting for things like universal health care, or other benefits, anarchists are content to organize small collectives for making art and march every now and again. The same goes for virtually any social democratic policy. What's the anarchist solution to higher education being too expensive? Well, why do you want to go to college and be a sellout anyways... Similarly, and most shamefully, anarchists at times have even sided with anti-labor forces against unions because they feel that they're too bureaucratic....deciding not to support any unions that people actually belong to and instead going for the purity of the IWW, which is mainly populated by anarchists themselves as opposed to the working class.

All of this energy could be devoted to causing positive, tangible, change and improvement in our society, but instead it's wasted on bike collectives, because bikes and gardening are where the revolution is at, as opposed to keeping people from starving via government benefits...oh, I'm sorry, Food not Bombs can replace food stamps, how silly of me.

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