Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blaming Obamacare, by Jen Sorenson

Blaming Obamacare

This is really good. One of the the things that our lack of a social safety net does, I believe intentionally, is to make it so that people have a harder time doing creative jobs as well as fighting back against having to take bad ones. If you need health insurance, you're not as likely to raise issues about the job that gives you it, even if it's bad. Likewise with student loans. If you're paying them off, and have to pay them off, are you going to be as likely to try to change things at work that are bad? 

Social safety nets allow for a better civil society where people can actually challenge abuses instead of being trapped in situations where they can't because of economic necessity. 

Christian Parenti has actually written about this, about how at least some of the attack on the safety net in the late '70s was motivated by concerns that it gave labor a better position. 

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