Monday, May 26, 2014

Criticism of the "Right to be Forgotten" in the United States shows our hypocrisy on these issues

Because though we say we're all for individual liberty and such, we're also conditioned by the Puritan ethic that believes that you really don't have any expectation of privacy if you're doing something society doesn't like. Good old collectivist Europe, that realizes social rights, also respects the right of the individual to their own acts and beliefs much more than we do here. Perhaps it's because they fought massive civil wars over religion that lead to a huge amount of deaths over the issue.

To see our contradictions, just take the patriotic jamboree that took place after 9/11. In the defense of individual freedom many people declared that it was necessary to implement things like the USA-PATRIOT ACT (it's an acronym), that allowed massive spying, all the while waving flags and declaring how lucky we were to be in America.

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