Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One of the prime problems with the Left today, particularly the Anarchists...

Because it seems we're having a resurgence of folks who are more ideological than most Progressives used to be.

One of the prime problems is that they've forgotten some of the base line values contained in classical liberalism that Marx and others were well aware of and supported. For example the notion that people should be rewarded, and recognized, for hard work, and that such things should be encouraged. One of the reasons that socialism started as a force was because it was recognized that capitalism was not rewarding people in line with what their actual contributions were, but rewarding some far more than others. The goal was to equalize things so that this disparity could be corrected, but, of course, that meant recognizing the underlying principle as well. Most of the socialists, or Social Democrats, and even folks who are further left, in Europe, recognize this, however our home grown people look at the equality but forget the principle of effort that is supposed to be behind it.

Instead of rewarding hard work, they seem to not even realize that something that an individual could be responsible for on their own could make a difference. If someone comes from a well off background, that person is bad and the things they do aren't as good. If they come from a less well off background the opposite is true. The same goes for race. Underlying all the qualifiers are the characteristics of the individual....and someone with the right mix of hyphenations, from the right background, can be lazy and inept, while someone from all the wrong ones of those can be hard working and smart. At the end of the day, if you want to get something done, as opposed to letting abstract categories rule things, do you want the person who is lazy or the one who isn't?

A scientific formula or invention produced by someone who comes from a well off background and the rest doesn't work any less effectively because of it.

All of this can be accommodated within a socialist system. The people who cite these arguments and then use them as a basis for a kind of free market fundamentalism go too far, and quite frankly ignore the real conditions that an unregulated market produces.  However, it's equally true that those who don't even realize that there's a problem with evaluating people completely because of the categories of characteristics that they carry with them as opposed to their own talents and character would take us back to a society ruled by brutality and idiocy, where those who were most willing to take advantage of belonging to the right background, which is a semi-criminal mindset, would exploit the situation to their own advantage.

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