Monday, July 21, 2014

The State and Society

I'm in favor of a fusion between the State and Society as a whole, but with Society being the force that takes over the State and uses it for its own ends. This would be the State as an expression of the fundamental constitution of Society, where 'constitution' doesn't mean a document that has been agreed on but the basic structural setup of society as a whole---it's class system or lack thereof, with lack thereof being the chosen path, it's structures of institutional power. This would be manifest in social programs as well as in economic planning, and other things.

I think it's important for society to take back the State and instead of having it be an oppressive body living on top of it having it be integrated into many aspects of life as an organic expression of society. Which is not to say that private space would not exist. Instead, many of the areas that would be part of the State/Society fusion would be those which previously would have been dominated by corporations and by capitalism as a whole.