Monday, August 25, 2014

More Ferguson

Strangely enough, the revelations that Michael Brown robbed a convenience store for a pack of cigars, and then punched the cop when he tried to apprehend him (for reasons unknown), actually changes little of the basic issue. Even if Brown did all of that, including punching a cop and then running away, he was still unarmed and still didn't deserve to be shot. It still indicates the overreach that police officers use when dealing with black youth.

Personally, although there's not enough evidence to really say if this was the case, my hunch is that the business about him trying to steal the cop's gun is something cooked up to try to justify the shooting. Rationally, if a person is trying to get away from a police officer, trying to take their gun makes little sense.

People aren't perfect, and the story of Michael Brown as a kid who committed a minor theft, and roughed up a convenience store clerk, and then was shot when running away by a cop, is still a story of injustice---he doesn't have to have been completely innocent for an injustice to have occurred. 

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