Monday, August 25, 2014

The rising political correctness from the Left---have they forgotten Bush?

It seems that now that the Bush years are (supposedly) behind us, people are feeling their oats again about issuing cultural fatwas against things they don't like, and feel should be shut down and vilified, not because there's necessarily something seriously wrong with them, but because it expresses an opinion they don't like or values they don't care for. for instance, over and over again.

The thing is, and I hate to say 'I remember' as if it was that long ago, but I do remember the environment after 9/11 where any criticism of the Bush administration, or of the U.S., or of the actions being taken by the U.S. government were met with accusations of treason. I remember people losing their jobs for either saying a stupid thing taken out of context or sometimes in very conservative areas for being seen at a protest. I also remember Ann Coulter making statements intended to intimidate people with liberal ideas into not talking.  Much, much, more could be cited.

All of it was a form of 'political correctness' from the Right, and was gladly condemned by people, which is why now that the tide has turned I condemn the same impulses being put forward by people on the Left---that which is characterized by not to have a discussion of issues but to shut speech down by saying that it's offensive or so inappropriate that it shouldn't even be considered, when in actuality what's being discussed is not that extreme but instead is characterized by an ideological disagreement with the author.

*Also, I hate using the words 'political correctness', because it isn't like the rabid sector of the Right, which very liberally uses the term, isn't out there. But, there's not much of an alternative at this moment.

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