Monday, June 01, 2015

Putting the blog on indefinite hold

Which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, since the last post was over a year ago. In any case, there are many reasons for it. First off, I think we face a much different political climate than we did when I started writing this. I started writing the blog just a little over six months after 9/11. With Obama winning, rolling back much of Bush's politics, and, amazingly enough, not becoming another self interested politician, the climate of fear and paranoia that categorized those days has pretty much dissipated. So in part, we've won. In part, also, I feel we're suffering from what could be called 'winners syndrome'.

Progressives have won, but in becoming winners, there's been a tendency for writers to not engage in the type of self criticism that's necessary, and that they, we, often held the right accountable for.

The type of politics that I believe in are ones that, while rooted in progressive values, recognize that conservatives and sometimes libertarians have good points at times as well. I have no interest in becoming part of a new orthodoxy.

Perhaps in the future there will be tendencies that reflect the kind of politics that I'd like to see, but in the short term, there appears to be nothing on the horizon that captures the kind of nuance that I personally believe in.

*on edit...there was a post about six months ago, but the fact that .I forgot about it shows that it's time to put an official break on things.