Sunday, November 27, 2016


Although this site is still dormant, I feel that I need to say something about Donald Trump. Though this site became dormant because of disenchantment with progressive politics, the Trump candidacy, and now presidency, very much turned me the other way. I believe that both the Alt-Right and the French New Right are both wrong. While the nature of the "Recent" posts might indicate sympathy or support for them, quite honestly I believe that the ideas are unworkable, at least in any way which might be compatible with liberal and democratic norms.

I have to say that I believe that the notion of a constructive alternative that encompasses both left, right, and center, is a fantasy. Trying to construct such a thing overlooks the nastier parts of the political doctrines in question, and one can see the actual results in what's happening in Trump's America right now. People might spin wonderful philosophical tales about opposing modernity and such, but when the rubber meets the road it's not these arguments that people latch onto, but instead racism, anti-semitism, and all the rest.

Basically, there's a reason some of these ideas have remained beyond the ken of normal discourse, and that's because of these sorts of associations. People might try to denature them, sanitize them, present a more workable and philosophically justifiable synthesis, but when it comes down to it the raw response, which is often violent and discriminatory, is what takes over in practice.

And I don't want to have anything to do with it. I'd also encourage people overseas who are part of non-traditional right wing groups, who have apparently taken an interest in my writings, to not make use of them.